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I have been partnering with Discover Your Bounce to deliver high value wellbeing support to my clients, particularly during COVID19 restrictions.  Nicky and Sharon have the expertise and experience to deliver a range of services, from high level strategy down to teaching practical techniques to help with mental and physical health. Here is a selection of services that I feel would be particularly useful to my clients:

Lunch and Learn workshops

Knowing your job is at risk is a highly stressful time. Discover Your Bounce can deliver group virtual workshops to boost mental and physical health, help with sleep and assist staff members to focus on a positive outcome by looking at their life vision. Each session is tailored to a brief depending on staff requirements.

Individual Mentoring

Should a staff member need individual support, mentoring can be arranged to focus on career, leadership or resilience. From a stand alone session to a series over several weeks, my clients have found this additional support very useful and enjoyed immediate benefits.

Mental Health Awareness Training

Whether it’s initial mental health awareness or manager training, the team at Discover Your Bounce offer virtual sessions.

Mental Health Awareness Lunch and Learn

During this session we look at the challenges that can lead to a mental health problem and what to look out for in yourself and colleagues. We cover how to tackle a workplace situation, how to get support and some practical ways to boost your own mental health.

Mental Health for Managers

In this session we look at mental health conditions and how to spot when a team member may have a mental health challenge. We look at ways to frame the conversation, how to support someone through this process and ways to get further support.

Wellbeing Strategy and Training

Discover Your Bounce workshops cover varied topics such as emotional intelligence, mental resilience, sleep, nutrition and fitness, mindfulness, happiness and vision and goal setting. To see a full list of their workshops visit: To book on a free taster workshop: To discuss your specific requirements:

Discover Your Bounce Testimonials

We had a great workshop on ‘Building Resilience’ at Creative Youth Network recently. Nicky and Sharon from Discover Your Bounce worked with a group of staff from all parts of the organisation to identify and grow our own strategies for building resilience and dealing with brain overload. We moved on then to decide how best we can support other staff too. As we are currently going through a period of rapid change this was just what we needed and I had excellent feedback from people who attended the workshop. I’ve continued doing the breathing exercises to improve sleep and they do work! Many thanks, Nicky and Sharon.
Chris Hounsell
Operations Coordinator
DYB are professional yet welcoming. It is great how they can come into our organisation and really understand where they can make the most benefit. We have had 2 workshops facilitated by DYB; Resilience and an Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation. Both workshops had a good balance of theory and audience participation. The feedback was really positive and staff felt that they had gained some new knowledge from attending the workshop. Thank you to Nicky and Sharon for coming to the NCC and sharing knowledge about wellbeing.
Laura Graham
HR Advisor, National Composites Centre
Nicky pitched the day really well by starting with scientific facts about brain structure and the effects of stress on us. In truth the stress isn’t going to go away. But after spending the away day with Discover Your Bounce for Business, the team are better equipped to handle the pressure and help each other through it. I was really proud, because I’ve never seen them behave so much as a team as they did that day and it has continued with the changes we have made.
Kelly Evans
Director of Finance, National Autistic Society