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A Third of employers to make redundancies

The Chanellor Rishi Sunak has announced the introduction of the Job Support Scheme, which will start when the furlough scheme ends later this month. However, it is anticipated that this will not prevent up to a third of employers making redundancies before Christmas.

A YouGov poll of 2,000 employers, commissioned by ACAS has identified many are facing difficult decisions, and 24% of business leaders admit they are unaware of the rules around consulting staff before making redundancies.

There are lots of things to consider, including legislation, decisions made in Employment Tribunal cases, a ‘fair’ process.

​Following publication of the survey, ACAS Chief ​Executive Susan Clews said: 

“Our survey reveals that a third of small businesses do not know about their legal responsibilities on consulting staff when considering redundancies. It is important for them to act responsibly and follow our advice or they could be subject to a costly legal process.

I would add that the stress that employers experience during period of change cannot be underestimated.

To manage restructures and redundancies effectively I have developed a toolkit that I use when supporting employers.  I can call on 20 years’ experience of advising and supporting Managers to successfully implement change.  I also offer mental health and resilience training to support staff through the process, in partnership with Discover Your Bounce for Business.