HR Services Bristol


Employers seeking support from external HR providers remains a growing trend.  There are many advantages to outsourcing, rather than employing someone in-house.  I’m sharing my top five with you.

1.     To save money, improve efficiency

The service you pay for should fit the needs of your organisation.  Only pay for what you need!

Most independent HR Consultants have an extensive network of fellow professionals they can rely on.  You can access decades of knowledge, skills and experience for a fraction of the cost of employing someone in-house.

2.     A consistent service

Often outsourced HR services will provide a service 52 weeks of the year, as and when you need it.  They are responsible for covering holidays, sickness absence etc.  You will have peace of mind that someone is on the end of the phone, just like having your own HR Manager.

3.     It allows you to concentrate on core activities

Do what you do best!  Outsource the rest!

You will see improvements in efficiency working with an HR service that understands your business needs, and provides a bespoke service.

4.     It will help to prevent legal claims

Most employers see marked improvements in the management of risk by engaging someone independent.  If you have the right support to deal with issues at a low level, you can often prevent costly claims.

5.     Peace of mind that you are complying with the law

Your HR service should support you to put robust employment practices in place, and regularly review them.  In addition to managing risk better, it should help you to sleep better at night!

HR Services Bristol was founded by Tracey McCarthy, after a decade of providing HR advice and support in a variety of sectors.  She works in partnership with a network of fellow professionals.   By keeping overheads low, she is able to provide a flexible service which is very competitively priced.